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Cat Handle Gift Box

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Cat Handle Gift Box

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Dimensions : W 4.5” D 3.5” H 4.0”
SKU : ITB-AB-0001

Cat-shaped gift boxes are adorable and popular choices for packaging presents, especially for cat lovers or those celebrating cat-themed occasions. Cat-shaped handle gift boxes are often made from cardboard or paperboard and are designed to resemble a cat, complete with ears, whiskers, and sometimes a tail. The handle is usually integrated into the design, resembling a cat's tail or another relevant element.

Cat Shaped gift boxes are versatile and can be used for various purposes, from birthdays and holidays to special events like cat-themed parties or adoption celebrations. They add an extra touch of charm to any gift and can also serve as decorative items or keepsakes after the contents have been removed. Cat-shaped gift boxes are a fun and whimsical way to package presents, adding an element of playfulness and delight to gift-giving occasions.

These boxes typically feature a built-in handle that allows for easy carrying, making them ideal for retail packaging, corporate gifts, party favors, and more. 

Cat shaped handle gift boxes combine practicality with style, making them a popular choice for packaging gifts and products across a wide range of industries and occasions. Whether used for retail purposes or personal gifts, these boxes offer both convenience and aesthetics, making them a versatile packaging solution.

Kids gift boxes often feature popular themes and characters from children's movies, TV shows, books, or games. These could include beloved cartoon characters, superheroes, princesses, animals, dinosaurs, outer space, unicorns, and more. The themes are chosen to resonate with the interests of the child receiving the gift

Material 300 GSM Cyber Board (ITC)
Printing Type Single Side
Finishing Die Cut With Folding Lines
Folding Type Self Locking
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